Branches and Circles support many projects in their own locales – including hospitals, nursing homes, and senior apartments  …along with an endless array of additional activities::


by Janet Laude, Special Projects Committee Chair

“God blesses those who are kind to the poor. He helps them out of their troubles.”  Psalm 41:1


Once again, KDS members have been kept busy serving others IHN. Some of you have been willing to share your activities with others. Perhaps you’ll get a new idea from the works of others.

All Circles in the Ontario Branch work hard to make a difference in their communities. They built an extension onto The King’s Daughters and Sons Apartments. They hold a Benefit Brunch for Autism, and are active in Meals On Wheels. The Circles are active in the Inuit Outreach. Yearly, they plan and execute a week at Chautauqua. For Fundraisers, our Canadian members support a Charity Performance at Summer Theater, hold a mini sale at each meeting, make personal and corporate donations, hold a huge garage sale incorporating all Circles and hold a Loonie Auction. The Loonie is a Canadian dollar. Members bring in offerings and the auction items begin at!:;.00.  Members bid if they are interested. It is a lot of fun and the auctioneer keeps it lively. They usually raise between $150.00 and $250.00 at their evening of fun! One project for all ages is the Milk Bags for Mats.  Refer to the Spring Issue of The Silver Cross article by Bruce McLelland.
Submitted by Phoebe McLelland and Barbara Gray.

Rosalee James Circle in Augustine, FL stuffs purses with sanitary and health items for the homeless; donates to a children’s museum, Head Start and a Homeless Coalition. They receive a grant from the BACON trust which helps fund a scholarship for a Deaf-Ed student at Flager College. They also participate in Franklin Graham’s Operation Christmas Child by filling shoeboxes, and donate plastic bags to the Homeless Coalition. Money is raised from personal wills.  Submitted by Cece Reigle.

In Indiana, the Mabel Wingfield Circle loves literacy and generously donates books for children; they write cards to Wounded Warriors through Operation Appreciation; donate funds to Indian Mobile Mission in Snowflake, AZ for Christmas gifts; fill shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child; and they toured Westminster Neighborhood Services to learn of their services to the needy which they support by bringing needed items to each of their Circle meetings. The Circle’s treasury grows when members donate $5.00 at morning meetings when the hostess serves a lovely hot breakfast. Submitted by Bev Duffer.

Kentucky Circles remain very busy.  Sorne interesting ministries they have shared include: Amanda Smith Circle holds a Community Dinner and provides transportation for the sick and elderly to their appointments.

Goodwill Circle, provides Bingo games at the KDS Horne.  A yard sale is held to raise funds to purchase gifts for the residents of the home.   Jennie C Benedict Circle assists at various shelters and they provide school supplies for teachers.  Ruby Means Circle decorated a restroom at the KDS Home and purchased new linens for the residents.  Members take turns at the reception desk at the home.  Being animal lovers, the Kingsway Circle donates treats and supplies for the furry animals at the animal shelter and personal care items at a local personal care home.

Still in Kentucky, Mosaic Circle partnered with a local agency to host a free NARCON Training and Distribution Program.  At the Touch Twice Clinic (a program of social agencies to help people), the Circle did registrations and free haircuts.  For four other Circles, members of Mosaic Circle hosted a technology meeting.  A meal was prepared for a men’s shelter.  They also hold a quarterly social event for members.

Reunion Circle, KY, supplied many books and Thesaurus’ for a school in Edisto Island, SC. They sponsor a girl in Peru through KAI and provide Christmas gifts to a child in Home for the Innocents in KY.

Another busy KY Circle is Silent Workers Circle.  Many members partnered with a hospital to provide a Children’s Safety Day.  They served as a distribution center for God’s Pantry.  One member serves on the Board of Directors at a hospital.  They manage and direct the KDS Apartments for 34 residents.  Annually, they give two $1500.00 Nursing Scholarships.

Whatsoever #1 Circle and Whatsoever #2 Circle, KY, work at the reception desk at the KDS Home for the Aged, which they run.  Both Circles enjoy hosting parties and playing Bingo with the residents at the home.  Whatsoever #2 Circle also refurbished a guest bathroom at the Home.  Submitted by Meredith Houghton.

Busy, busy members of the Dorothy McArthur Circle in MO. prepare meals for families at Ronald McDonald House, assist at the Voluntary Action Center with Christmas baskets, volunteer at the local food bank, and assembled a get-well basket for a member recovering from cancer surgery. They contribute to Dental Aid via donations and drivers, donate monetary and non-monetary to the KDS home in Mexico, MO as well as to IOKDS projects. For fundraising, the Circle holds a Circle Auction/Membership Drive to raise funds for the Circle and to increase membership. They also hold a Non-Event Event where members are encouraged to make an additional contribution to the Circle along with their dues. Submitted by Mary Ebert. and Pam Yarborough.

Also in MO., the Margaret Hart Circle, among their many activities, raise $750.00 by decorating a bank at the holidays. Their Circle Auction helped pad their treasury with profit of $819.00. We’ll have to learn more about this! Submitted by Mrs. Maury Banks.

New York State hosts the Mustard Seed Circle that provides, to a local women’s shelter, handmade cloth bags filled with toys, books, coloring books, crayons, pencils, markers, and other supplies which are joyfully received by the organization. Cash donations include funds to a local Home for the Aging who use it to enhance the grounds with flowers; donations to several KDS Departments, and funds and supplies for a summer Bible Camp. Yearly they hold a cash auction.  Submitted by Linda Zirgulis.

Ohio Circles are given a handout of suggested projects for the year. Most Circles choose from the list that which interests them and where they can do the most good. Circles also continue with their ongoing projects. Some of the suggested projects for 2017 were: Eyes Wide Open International that collects new underwear and socks for an orphanage in Haiti; sleeping mats for orphans in Swaziland; supplies for Joy Freeman working in Niger, Africa (including prenatal vitamins, reading glasses, and newborn baby clothes); donations to Behavioral Healthcare (puzzles, playing cards, reading glasses, paperback books, clothes); Color Me A Rainbow: crayons and coloring books for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis.  Submitted by Sue Buck.

Loving Hands Circle in PA keeps busy by collecting and sending books and cards to military families; sends care packages to students; prepares meals for Celebrate Recovery; assists with Family Promise; sends school supplies to Kids Alive International; sponsors a child in Haiti; helps in many categories with Messy Church, a Bible School setting for the unchurched of all ages; donates to local and international charities; donates Thanksgiving dinner to a local family; sponsors a family at Christmas; prepares shoeboxes for Samaritan’s Purse; assists a family with monthly bills; encourages patients in hospitals and homes with joyful visits; creates Blessing Bags for the homeless; prepares 100 fleece blankets and crafts to take on a mission trip to Anchorage, AK in July. They will be working with children in a Bible School setting in a local park for one week. Submitted by Wendy Brendlinger, Katrina Laude and Mary McCreary.

Texas members are always busy. The Cleburne City Union likes to “stuff the bus.”  The community is invited to drop off/donate school supplies for children who need them. Again, the community is invited to a toy drive and tree lighting at Christmas time. Donated toys are taken to Operation Blessing that distributes them. Santa, speakers, fire trucks, hot chocolate and other goodies all make the evening full of fun and exploration. Toy drives and food drives help provide the needy with necessities and a Thanksgiving meal is provided for families staying at the Family Crisis Center over Thanksgiving. For fundraising, a letter is sent out to local businesses for contributions. This money is used for local charity calls. Submitted by Pam Yarborough.

Friendship Circle in Texas gives scholarships of $500. each to two students graduating from CISD Learning Center. They provide a weekend Snack Pack for any elementary student on free or reduced lunch. Meals on Wheels is delivered each Monday and members are available for local charity calls when needed. The Circle is active in Adopt a School Program and gives
several local scholarship donations. They support Hope Clinic with donations and lend support at the clinic for those low income and non- insurance citizens. For fundraisers, the Circle holds an Event Non-Event asking for donations from friends and supporting community members to donate the amount they would spend on a night out and not have to dress up or go out. Friendship Circle holds a “Feed the Fans” Spaghetti Dinner before a football game or any sporting event. At another time they hold a Cooking School where members provide different kinds of foods and menus selling tickets for attending. Submitted by Wileta Kretzschmar.

The Hearts of Gold Circle welcomes Spring by selling flats of flowers that they purchase for $9.00 from a wholesale nursery and sell them for $15.00. To top it off, they deliver the flowers to the customers! This year they sold 297 flats. In December they host a “Christmas House” which is a bazaar where they sell hand-painted ornaments, crafts, and baked goods. Santa is
always there for pictures. Usually they hold a raffle or two and have a silent auction. This event is highly. attended. The Circle members work all year preparing items for sale. Submitted by Debbie Kuklies.

Texas also claims the In His Name Circle who deliver Meals On Wheels year round. They provide meals for “Christmas in Action” which helps rebuild homes for the elderly and disadvantaged. Items are donated to CPS to help children removed from their homes, and they always help provide those kids with Christmas. Financial donations support several local charities, school children and families and individuals in need. Scrapbooking Days are held as a fundraiser twice yearly. They get free venue and church members provide snacks and meals at their expense. Therefore, the ticket price is pure profit  On average they make $800.00. Kitchen Karavan includes a tour of four kitchens in Cleburne. Light refreshments are served at each house. Tickets are $25.00. Last year’s profit was $2500.00! Submitted by Landa Sloan Orrille.

Colonial Circle in VA highlights a Fashion Show/Luncheon where fashions from local shops are modeled by Circle members, a luncheon is served, and guests enjoy vendors, a silent auction and door prizes. Wine Tasting Parties do well. Nine separate wines with complimentary food, a floral demonstration, clothes vendors, a grab bag pull and door prizes complete the event.  A Golf Night is popular at Top Golf on Virginia Beach. Food and a raffle help the treasury! Partnership With Talbots is fun. On a designated day of shopping at Talbots, Circle members circulate the shop encouraging shopping. Talbots donates 10% of all sales for the day to CHKD. Submitted by Joan Lewis.

Sheltering Arms Circle in VA collects office and medical supplies for the Mattaponi Healing Eagle Free Clinic on the Mettaponi Indian Reservation and they’ve helped to furnish a house on the reservation which is used by Native American Students. Books and toys are donated to Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters and school supplies are provided each fall to needy children in the community. Recently the Circle has adopted the Little Free Library Prograrn where each rnember is requested to give a book/take a book at least once during the current year. For a fundraiser, a Masquerade Jewelry Sale is held in the lobby of Sheltering Arms Hospital, the Circle’s namesake, which was founded by King’s Daughters. From the proceeds, we support the International Departments, Branch endorsed projects, and local needs.  Submitted by Nancy Barret.

VA also claims York River Circle that enjoys supporting literacy and autism projects, as well as local charities. They hold a “pig offering” for missions and sew dresses for the “Dress a Girl” project.   A Book/Author Luncheon is successful. A Virginia author is invited to speak. The Circle provides lunch. Usually over 200 guests come and a profit of $5000.00 is realized. Tickets are $25.00 each. Another fundraiser is the Tea For All Seasons where 16 tables are decorated for each month of the year and the four seasons. Each hostess provides the goodies and the tea for her table of 8. The largest donation goes to The Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters. Spaghetti Dinners are popular where a local restaurant allows the use of their kitchen and their usual customers. Submitted by Sandra Harvey, Sue Antonik, and Sandy Pace.

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