We are living in interesting and challenging times and the International Order of The King’s Daughter’s & Sons continues its good work of serving Our Lord and Savior by assisting His children in any way possible.

Our rich history continues to be managed by a strong group of leaders serving our membership and managing the many projects that make up our organization. It is that time when we are seeking out our next group of potential leaders who will join and be part of the Board of Directors to steer this organization forward.

Through this formal Call for Nominations, we are inviting you to consider nominating someone, or yourself, to run for one of the following Elected Officers and Directors positions in 2021.

Consider running for a rewarding role where you can give back to the Order, and continue building its legacy with its many accomplishments over its rich history.

We look forward to hearing from you.

The Nominations Committee

Call for International Officer Nominations

The positions open for election are as follows:

  • International Treasurer

Manages the Order’s finances and its disbursement of funds.
Chairperson of the Finance Committee

  • Communications Director

Manages and implements policies and procedures for the creation and review of all printed material for the Order, including The Silver Cross, the Members’ Manual, and any pamphlets or marketing collateral to be used at the International level. The Director also works with the IOKDS webmaster to coordinate content between all printed material and the IOKDS website.

  • Native American Director

Promotes interest in the Native American Scholarship Program, selecting students for financial assistance from the U.S. and Canada to enable them to further their post-secondary education at the undergraduate level. This Director also contributes to the database of all scholarship recipients, and encourages the support of donors for future scholarship funds.

  • Chautauqua Properties Director

Manages and oversee the opening and closing of the Order’s Chautauqua Properties each season. Chairs the Properties Committee. Creates the annual budget and workplan, recruits and schedules volunteers, and manages the hiring of professional help. Creates fundraising proposals to raise revenue for property projects.


Please refer to the current version of the Bylaws for complete job descriptions of each position available on our website here:  iokds.org/bylaws.

To be eligible to run for a position on the Executive Committee, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Served at least one (1) year as a Branch officer or chairman;
  • Attended at least two (2) International events; and
  • If currently holding any office or chairmanship, the candidate must refuse re-election.


If you would like to submit a nomination, please provide the following information below by Sunday, November 22, 2020, to Vince J. Ciarlo, Nominations Committee Chair by email vciarlo@ciarlo.ca or call 416-763-3783 or

Full Name
Circle and Branch
Home address, Telephone, Cell, Email
How you or your nominee meets the above-mentioned eligibility criteria, to the best of your knowledge.

The Nominating Committee will be reviewing all nominations brought forward and developing a short list. Those individuals will be contacted and provided with the proper paperwork to secure their nominations on the election ballot. Per the bylaws, the Nominating Committee will submit at least one (1) name for each position to be filled. Following the report of the nominating roster, additional qualified nominations may be made from the floor. No name shall be placed into nomination without the consent of the nominee.

Be Among the Many Who Have Served!