Call for International Officer Nominations

Positions open for 2020
election are President, Vice President, and Health Careers Director.

Officers will be elected at the IOKDS Conference in 2020, and begin their terms at the close of the Conference.


Qualifications for President and Vice President include at least one term on the Board of Directors, preferably within the last decade.

Health Careers Director candidates must have served at least one year as a Branch officer or chairperson and have attended at least two international events.

Officers and Directors attend the annual Conferences, and participate in a monthly Board of Directors conference call.  The term of office is three years.


MAKE A NOMINATION:  Contact Ellen Williamson –

The President is the Chairman of the Board of Directors, ex-officio member of all committees except the Nominating Committee, official representative at Chautauqua Institution events and presides over all business sessions of the Annual Conference.  The President appoints a Historian and a Parliamentarian in addition to special committees.


The Vice President furthers the spiritual life of the membership which includes running the Clergy Renewal Week Program at Chautauqua Institution. Additionally, the Vice President reports to the Annual Conference, and also assumes the duties of the President should she/he be unable to serve.


The Director of Health Careers Scholarships encourages donor support, and selects deserving students for scholarships

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