Native American Scholarships

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Native American Scholarship Department

Since 1934 IOKDS had a concern about Native Americans’ living conditions, treaty rights, and post-secondary education.  After World War II, IOKDS began lending a hand for education to Native American youth.  Today IOKDS awards $1000 college tuition scholarships for study in the recipient’s field of choice.


Who is Eligible

  • Must have documented, Tribal Registration Number; no restriction as to tribal affiliation or degree of Native American blood
  • Enrolled in a technical, vocational, or college undergraduate program for a minimum of nine credit hours each semester or quarter
  • Receiving no other IOKDS scholarship and no other family member receiving a scholarship in the same year
  • Have a copy of acceptance letter from the school

How Can I Apply?

  • From November 1 through March 1, for scholarships to begin the following fall semester, email application request to Application forms are not downloadable.

    • Completed application forms, two letters of recommendation, an official transcript of applicant’s recent grades, a personal statement about plans for using your education, current photograph, and a self-addressed legal-sized stamped envelope must be submitted as a packet and postmarked no later than April 1.

    From A Past Recipient

    Chante Zephier, scholarship recipient

    Chante is a freshman at Arizona State University majoring in secondary education.  Chante believes that Native American teacher representation is important to ensure Native students’ success.  After graduation, Chante’s plans to connect with Teach for American to help the organization gain a better understanding of Native culture.

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