Responses from Past Around the World Scholarship Recipients

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The stories of three former recipients are included below.

Noe Soras Carire – Andahuaylas, Peru

When Noe was about 11 years old, he was brought to city of Andahuaylas by his very poor parents who lived in a small rural village. It is a common practice for farming parents to leave their children in the hands of a city-dwelling family. In exchange for giving them a home, the child is expected to work for them during the day and try to study at night.

During Noe’s first year of this living-working arrangement, his job was to tend the pigs and graze the sheep. While doing this, he found his way to the Kids Alive Children’s Home to inquire about being taken into their care. After carefully investigating Noe’s background, the staff welcomed him into the children’s home!

From very early on, Noe proved to be humble, respectful and responsible in his studies. After finishing high school, he decided to study gastronomy and soon became one of the best students in his class. This resulted in a scholarship award for two months of professional training in gastronomy in the capital city of Lima.

Upon graduating from university, the opportunity arose for Noe to become an assistant in the kitchen at the best tourist restaurant inAndahuaylas! As a result of his integrity and professional abilities, Noe, who is only 21-year-old, was recently entrusted with the leadership of the entire kitchen.

Noe loves the Lord and is an active member at his local church. One of his desires is to go to seminary soon so that he can learn how to serve the Lord even better.

We are proud of this young professional that the Lord has enabled Kids Alive to help through the generosity of his sponsors, and the International Order of King’s Daughters and Sons who awarded him scholarships for higher education.

Maria Rebecca De la Cruz Moronta – Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic

atw-maria-and-abel-cropMaria Rebecca entered the ARK Children’s Home in Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic in 1998. Her unwed mother died in childbirth, leaving the baby to live with relatives who did not want her. In order to obtain a birth certificate, they claimed that she was their child. With three other children and tension brewing, Maria’s uncle fled, leaving her aunt to care for all four children. Her Aunt Dora worked long hours in the flower gardens just to put food on the table and had little time for her children. She favored her own biological children and mistreated Maria, who spent hours walking the streets in tattered clothes. There was no one to make sure that Maria attended school. By the time she came to Kids Alive at the age of nine, she had not even completed first grade.

Concerned neighbors reported the situation to the authorities who then placed Maria Rebecca in one of the Kids Alive homes, the ARK. Truly this was a place of love and refuge for this lonely, frightened girl.

In the years since she first entered the Kids Alive Home it has been very satisfying to see a young girl who came from such hopeless conditions blossom into a beautiful person with hope for the future. Maria graduated from high school and is now in her third year of dental school at the university. This past summer she married a wonderful young Christian man, Abel, who also grew up in one of our programs in the Dominican Republic.

During the reception, the ARK Children’s Home Director asked Maria what advice she had for any of the young men and women living in our homes. She eloquently gave three points of advice: 1) be patient and wait for God to provide the right husband; 2) trust God with the provision for your wedding as He will put the pieces together for you (and then gave examples about her wedding) and 3) remain sexually pure until you are married.

Maria and Abel moved the capital city, where her husband works, and will continue her studies there. She may volunteer at our Monte Plata Ministries.

Marlon Gonzales Mesa – Lima, Peru

atw-marlon“I help at my church, called El Camino (The Way/Path). There I work with the children and youth, and on Sundays, I lead worship. In the future, I want to be a missionary, and I am excited because my heart wants to serve God for all of my life.”

Marlon graduated in December 2012 from IBYM (Bible and Ministries Institute) in Peru, but his life had a very rough beginning.


Marlon’s early years:

(Reported by Mike Fietje, Field Director, Kids Alive International, Lima Children’s Home, Peru)

His guitar strumming fills the rooms of the Lima Children’s Home. Marlon loves music, and he’s hoping to take lessons to improve. Ever since he came to the Home in 1999, his thoughts turn to a lot of hopes like that.

Before that, however, Marlon couldn’t have dreamed of hope. When his father abandoned the family, his mother began living with a boyfriend who treated her children badly. She had a child with this boyfriend, but was later forced to live on the streets when the man kicked her out. Tragically, she contracted AIDS from him, too.

Ever since Marlon and his younger sister came to live in the Home, he is a good student and puts great effort into his schoolwork. He is a leader in the youth group at church. Marlon’s mother died recently. But with a difficult chapter behind him, he can keep stepping into a brighter future.