The IOKDS Around the World Scholarship provides tuition support for vulnerable young adults from disadvantaged countries offering them a chance to achieve their goals with education and flourish under the love of God.  We partner with Kids Alive International in their holistic care that includes education to break the bondage of hunger, abuse, and exploitation in 12 different countries.


Meet several, current scholarship recipients:

Doline Moraa Nyangima is taking seven classes this semester in her favorite subject, finance.  When Doline isn’t attending classes or studying, she sings with her college choir and spends time with her 30 brothers and sisters, ages 3 to 18, at the Kids Alive Children’s Home in Nyamarambe, Kenya. “I appreciate your support towards my studies which helps me achieve my future goal of graduation. May the Lord bless you abundantly.”

Benjamin Mutua Kituu loves studying family, community, and development in his six classes. When Benjamin isn’t studying or doing homework, he helps some of the 70 boys living at the Kids Alive Boys’ Home near Mt. Kenya with their chores and school work.  All of these boys need stability and healing from their past difficulties. Benjamin comments about his studies and work, “I am growing spiritually with much hope and trust in God.

  • $20 monthly for 1 year=tuition and some basic needs support for one Kids Alive student for one semester in Kenya
  • $468=average tuition and daily living support for one Kids Alive student in a developing country for one year.