The responsibility of this department is the awarding of scholarships.

Eligibility: Scholarships for financial aid are selected by the Around The World Department Director, and provided to full-time students living outside the US and Canada who are in the care of Kids Alive International. The students must be citizens in the country where they are studying.

Recipients of Scholarships Awarded in 2018: Each year, the Around the World Department of the IOKDS is proud to award scholarships to people from countries outside of the USA and Canada who are pursuing education in their homelands. The response to this gift of tuition has been repeatedly received with an outpouring of gratitude. Please see below for some information about the 2018 scholarship recipients.


Yoanna Mota Lopez
Dominican Republic

My name is Yoanna Mota Lopez. I am one of four children in my family and I live in a very basic home in Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic. I grew up going to school at the ANIJA School in Jarabacoa. There I developed a love for learning and a love for God.

I am studying medicine and took eight classes last fall. My favorite class is anatomy. I plan on being a pediatrician so I can help children. When not studying, I like to read and play volleyball. I also like to work out and relax at home.

So far my progress has been good. I have learned a lot and understand how best to study. plan to graduate in 2020. My overall grade point average is 3.47.

In these last years, my relationship with God and Christ has grown a lot. Additionally, I have joined in more of the activities of the church such as prayer groups, special services and adult Sunday school.

This scholarship is very important to me. Without the financial help, I would not be able to attend university as my family is very poor.

I am very grateful to you and want to thank you in a very special way. May God increase your support and continue to bless you every day. Thank you for everything!

Rodgers Okoth Otieno

Boniface Miriti

Rosanny Adamez Hernandez
Dominican Republic

Greetings from the Dominican Republic!

Thank you for your help in the past and considering additional support on my behalf.

My husband, Jhon, and I just had our second child in February. She is a healthy baby girl. I plan to continue my studies in April and plan to graduate in the summer of 2019. Later this year, I will enter a final thesis process. Because I am nearing graduation this should be the last time I need your financial help but I would appreciate your continued prayers.

I remain the social services director for the ANIJA school which serves over 350 at risk kids. I am very busy helping youth and their families. My family and I are very active in our church. We run a small group each Tuesday and I teach Sunday school every Sunday.

As a family, we have become more dependent on God. I understand more problems associated with social work that I do for impoverished and at risk kids along with my own family’s needs. I cannot depend on my own strength but only on God’s. I am very thankful for His faithfulness.

Without a scholarship, I would be unable to continue with my studies. I am very grateful that you are willing to take from your own resources to help someone like me. Thank you so much for your organization and your support.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I hereby write this letter mentioning my goals, activities, interest, needs and church involvement. First I take this opportunity to thank you for your support and tireless effort may God bless you.

My goals are to ensure there is improvement to the task I am assigned, give the best result,  to improve my skills and transformation of my life.

Activities: The activities I am involved are cleaning compound, greenhouse management and any other task in school I assist to avoid inconveniences that may occur.

Interest: My interest is to continue working with Kids Alive Organization due to love and co-operation they display regardless of where you come from.

Needs: Earning a living which has helped me to sustain my life and solve personal problems. My life has been transformed since I started working.

Church involvement: I have been a Sunday teacher in Church and treasurer, motivating the kids to continue serving God regardless of their age and propelling the word of God forward.

Yours Faithfully,


Michael Ndung’u Kimani

Ruth Natalia Ndunge

Greetings! My name is Limberlyn Tejeda. I am twenty years old and live in Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic. Both my parents died when I was young. I grew up at a Kids Alive orphanage called the Ark.

At the Ark and the ANIJA School, I learned about God’s love and His plans good plans for my life. I made a commitment to follow Jesus Christ and graduated from high school in 2015. I
am currently working as an assistant teacher at ANIJA and studying accounting at a university in La Vega, 30 minutes from Jarabacoa.

I am achieving good grades (3.1 average GPA) and like the subject of accounting. I also like to play soccer and volleyball. I currently live in an apartment with two other former Ark girls who are also studying at the university level.

Thank you for considering my application for a $1,950 scholarship. Without financial assistance, I would be unable to attend university. I appreciate any help you can provide. May God bless you.

Limberlyn Tejeda
Dominican Republic

Mercy Nyaruai

Robert Lothiyon

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