Since 1976 IOKDS awards annual Health Career Scholarships for students studying at a US or Canadian accredited college/university.  We believe that contributing to the education of compassionate health care workers assists in fulfilling our IOKDS mission of caring for all God’s children of all age and circumstance through service In His Name.


Who is eligible?

  • Medical and dental students who have completed their first professional year (pre-med students not eligible)
  • Pharmacy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, and medical technology students who have completed a minimum of two years of study with preference to those in masters or doctorate degree programs
  • Students studying to become registered nurses or nurse practitioners—Associate degree must have completed one year; bachelor or master’s degrees–must have completed two years of study
  • Students are eligible for a maximum of three years with good academic standing and annual re-application.

How do I apply?

  • From November 1 through March 1, for scholarships to begin the following fall semester, email application requests to:  Applications are not downloadable.
  • Completed application forms, two letters of recommendation, an official transcript of applicant’s recent grades, a personal statement about plans for using your education, current photograph, and a self-addressed legal-sized stamped envelope must be submitted as a packet and postmarked no later than April 1.


Meet several current scholarship recipients:

“In my first clinical internship, I worked at a skilled nursing facility.  It was a difficult experience for me because many of the patients did not speak English.  I learned that you can develop a connection without words and that a genuine, caring attitude transcends any verbal communication.  When you put the patient first, you can make a difference in a person’s life regardless of any obstacles in the way.  Thank you for choosing me for the scholarship!  I am so grateful for this award.”

“My first clinical rotation in medical school is Surgery, and I am nervous stepping into the operating room on my first day.  After I get past the nerves, I step into the incredible opportunity to learn more about medicine.  Through hundreds of patient interactions, I am reminded why I chose to enter into this field–to help people.  I am so thankful for the opportunity to be here and learning every day.  Thank you.”