A Health Careers Scholarship Recipient’s Message

Most students who study physical therapy, including myself, entered the field for similar reasons: “I care about people,” or “I wanted to be in healthcare.” Most had a life-changing experience as a patient and wanted to be a part of the circle of giving, and in this way, I was no different… But my belief in this profession became something tangible during my work at Marquette University’s student-run Pro Bono Clinic, where we help serve the under-insured members of inner city Milwaukee.

My first patient last spring walked through the doors in the midst of a 30+ year battle with a neurodegenerative disease. His goal, when I asked, was simple: to keep walking as long as possible. As I listened to this man’s desire to fight for something I had taken for granted my whole life, I was humbled, and reminded of a core piece of the Lord’s call upon our lives: we are blessed to be a blessing.

I felt remarkably unqualified, but for the next hour I listened, and helped, and encouraged, and to my amazement, my patient cried in gratitude as he left a short time later, with a promise to be back the following week. And I knew this was a tangible piece of conviction that reminded me that the power of physical therapy is not in my knowledge or in my own ability to heal, but in the Lord’s ability. When physical therapy gets people through the doors, I get the chance to invite the Holy Spirit in and be the hands and feet of Christ.

“I want to be in healthcare,” because when I show up, God gets a chance to show up too.

Carl Meyer

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