A Health Careers Scholarship Recipient’s Message


Thank you so much for the scholarship! I am delighted to be chosen for this award for the 2020-2021 academic year. My appreciation to you and your staff for reviewing my application.


In 2017, I met a wonderful physician during my mother’s many stays at the hospital. She was gentle, kind and wicked smart.  Most importantly, this doctor practiced from the heart. She took the time to explain every treatment, its importance, and the next steps.


The doctor took time to get to know my family. She followed my pursuit of an Occupational Therapy degree and encouraged me every step of the way. When the time came for my mother to go home, she was with us in the hospital. She gave me the biggest hug, looked me in the eye and said, “you will make an excellent occupational therapist.” I will never forget those words. She looked at me in my moment of absolute pain and reminded me of all the good I can do as an OT in those few words. There is a light at to come from all this pain. That light will serve others in their time of need.


This doctor showed me what grace looks like. She allowed me to have a peace I didn’t know I needed. Even though I prepared for the cancer to take my mother, nothing ever fully prepares you to feel skin cold to the touch. Grace.


I pray that I can be half as good as an OT as this physician was to me and my family. When you practice from the heart, you are by nature an advocate. When you love your patients, you stop at nothing to see them well again. I will walk with grace and thanks in my heart, always. Thank you.


Kimberly Rousseau-Simmons

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