The Native American needs have been a concern of The King’s Daughters and Sons since 1934 when living conditions were in great need of improvement and treaty rights needed protection.

After World War II, the needs of the youth in the Native American community to receive post-secondary education became an opportunity for the IOKDS to lend a hand.


SCHOLARSHIPS: The IOKDS offers $500 to $700 scholarships to Native Americans. There is no restriction as to tribal affiliation or Indian blood quantity. However, the student must provide a tribal registration number and fulfill other requirements. The scholarships are given for technical, vocational or college studies, but not granted for schooling beyond a bachelor’s degree.

E-mail: Please include your name, course of study and college, technical or vocational school.  From November 1st through March 1st applications requests may be submitted to:

By traditional mail: Please write a short description of your course of study, your name and e-mail address. Please submit your request no later than March 1st. Include a self-addressed stamped envelope (regular business envelope) and mail to:

Native American Scholarship Director
PO Box 1040
Chautauqua, NY 14722

Completed applications including all required documents (letters of recommendation and official transcript) must be sent by traditional mail and postmarked on or before April 1st to be considered.

NAI Scholarship requirements can be viewed here:  Native American Scholarships.  The scholarship is not downloadable.

When a continuing student reapplies, the student receives a new application to be completed with the addition of an updated resume and an official transcript. The application must be completed by April 1with an official transcript mailed to the director as soon as possible, but no later than mid-June.

Prayerful support and financial gifts are very important to us in continuing our scholarship work with Native Americans. Your financial help supports today’s students and our citizens of tomorrow. For more information regarding making a tax-exempt financial contribution, click here or call (716) 357-4951.


Meet the 2018 Native American Scholarship Seniors

A senior at the University of California majoring in Animal Science
She grew up on a reservation and observed family members and friends go through drastic changes because of drugs and alcohol abuse. She chose not to get involved with drugs and to do her absolute best in school. Her goal is to become a vet and a catalyst for her reservation promoting higher education.

A senior at the Pioneer Pacific College majoring in Hospitality Management
Amy is returning to college at the age of twenty-four and her goal is to open her own business with her sister. Together they want to open a Hostel and Cafe in the Portland area making it a comfortable and affordable shelter for young travelers.

A senior at the University of New Mexico majoring in Mechanical Engineering.
Luke was raised on a reservation where their culture is based on a matriarchal society in which the mother or oldest female heads the family and descent and relations are determined through the female line. His greatest role model is his mother and she has motivated him to go beyond his expectations. One of his goals is to build on his strength of character, expose himself to leadership opportunities and work on becoming a well rounded individual.

A senior at the University of Nevada majoring in Film Fine Arts
Krystal comes from a family where her mother is disabled. She is the first in her family to graduate from high school and the first to attend college. Her widowed grandmother continues to encourage her with her education. She funds her education 100% and one of her goals is to set up her own scholarship fund to help the other Native American Indians to afford their education.

A senior at Northeastern State University majoring in Integrative Biology
Hunter volunteers with the community and tribal services. He is dedicated and motivated to make a difference for the betterment of our world and community. He wants to spend his life caring for what he respects, loves and our natural resources.

A senior at the United Tribes Technical College majoring in Criminal Justice
Brittany is a twenty-seven year old married women with four children. She is the first in her family to pursue a college degree. She is an active participant in the non-credit after school program called Crime Scene Investigations, where she was chosen to become the group leader to 8 students. Voted as President of the Criminal Justice Club, which includes community involvement, awareness and creating connections. Her theory about life is that she is an egg that was put into the boiling water and came out stronger.

Excepts of thanks:

April P. wrote receiving birthday card
Awww thank you so much….wow…i got some wishes from a scholarship…That is soo awesome. You could about imagine what my wish was when i blew out my candles. To another year of hard work…I will see that degree someday!

Hunter S. a senior being awarded a scholarship wrote:
“Thank you again for chosing me for your scholarship. I always am encouraged by the cards, letters and notes through the year as well knowing they come with prayers too.”

Sloan G. a freshman being awarded a scholarship wrote:
“I will be a first generation college bound student from a low-income family, and I was really worried about funds for college. This scholarship means a great deal to me, and helps ease the financial stress that a secondary education will emplace.”

Cierra A. a sophomore being awarded a scholarship wrote:
“I am truly grateful for the support, encouragement and well wishes you have provided me”

Amy B. a sophomore receiving a list of encouraging passages from director wrote:
“Wow! How amazing is the Lord to work through you. This was so encouraging and has me teary eyed. Between by Biblical final,and 3 school finals, and two girls..I am overwhelmed and can’t seem to catch a break. This is very useful and I am putting it on my bathroom mirror. Thank you so much. Anchored in Christ.

Scott B. a graduate wrote:
“I cannot thank ya’ll enough for the support throughout my college career. My education has opened many doors for me, and it has broadened my horizons.”

Dale C. past graduate wrote:
“I can honestly say that without your financial support, birthday and Christmas cards, and words of encouragement I would not have been as driven as I was throughout my four years.
Thanks for this blessing of a scholarship”

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