In Search of our Kneeling Places

by Ann Weems

In each heart lies a Bethlehem, an inn where we ultimately answer whether there is room or not.

When we are Bethlehem bound we experience our own advent in His.

When we are Bethlehem bound we can no longer look the other way conveniently not seeing stars not hearing angel voices. 

We can no longer excuse ourselves by busily attending our sheep or our own kingdoms.

This Advent lets’ go to Bethlehem and see this thing that The Lord has made known to us.

In the midst of the shopping sprees let’s ponder in our hearts the Gift of Gifts.

Through the tinsel let’s look for the gold of the CHRISTmas Star.

In the excitement and confusion, in the merry chaos, let’s listen for the brush of angel’s wings.

This Advent let’s go to Bethlehem and find our kneeling places.


Keep praying boldly.  Love unconditionally.  Forgive without limit.

Sandy Pace
Spiritual Life Director