Ask Something of Me and I Will Give it to You

1Kings 3: 5, 7-12

Nearly every civilization has in its cultural heritage some sort of myth about how we humans might achieve our fondest hopes and reach impossible dreams. Every country has stories perpetuating this myth: Persians tell of Aladdin’s lamp that grants three wishes; Ireland has Leprechauns whose powers can be controlled if you are clever enough to capture one; others speak of a magic ring (think Lord of the Rings) that one might take possession of and use to his/her benefit. Even in our 21 st century sophistication, I venture to say that most of us have at one time or another indulge our fantasy about winning the Mega Millions Lottery so we could do anything we wanted. This basic tendency of human nature to dream of obtaining some sort of superhuman power is the background of God coming to Solomon at night in a dream and saying, “Ask something of me and I will give it to you.” Wow, look at the golden opportunity the King was given. This is no ordinary genie in a bottle or a leprechaun, or the winning number of big lottery prize but the Lord himself who makes the offer. Whatever you want, Solomon, and it is yours. A cure for cancer? A perfect defense system to protect your kingdom? Enough resources to wipe out poverty, disease and greed once and for all? Poor Solomon, it seems he just did not have the common sense and practical foresight to know what to ask. All he wanted was the ability to be the Lord’s faithful servant and the only thing he requested was to do well the mission of governance that he had been given, that is to govern the people of God wisely and justly. God was pleased and said that because Solomon did not ask for a long life, nor riches, nor for the life of his enemies, God gave him a wise and understanding heart. What would we have asked for in Solomon’s place? What are our priorities in life? The last time we really wanted something desperately, what was it? What is the pearl of great price, the hidden treasure that we would be willing to sell everything to obtain? Ask yourself that question honestlN because where your treasure is, there is your heart.

Rev. Dr. Sam R. Miglarese Retired Associate Pastor
First Presbyterian Church Durham, N.C.