She sat at the feet of Jesus.
Her legs carefully tucked under her.
Her arm across His knees.

She looked into his eyes.
Listening to His words.
Nothing would’ve drawn her away.

The room was quiet.
Only Jesus spoke.

She was Mary.
Sister to Martha.
Sister to Lazarus.
Friend to Jesus.

Now many filled the room
At the home of Mary and Martha.
Each moved slowly—close to Jesus.

The room was quiet.
Only Jesus spoke.

From a small back room,
Martha shouted and
Interrupted the words of Jesus.

“I’m doing all this work myself!
Why won’t Mary help?
Make her help me, Jesus!”

Martha demanded.
Mary froze.
Others stared.
Jesus spoke.

“You’re upset about many things.
…only one thing is needed and
Mary has chosen what’s better.

That one thing won’t be taken away from her.”

This is Luke’s story of Mary and Martha.
The story of our priorities and attitudes.

I’m a Martha.
Busy, preoccupied, demanding.
I want perfection, attention, acceptance.
I overdo, complain, criticize, get angry.

I want to have Mary’s priorities and attitude.
To be accepting, flexible, loving, listening.

And sit at the feet of Jesus.
Quiet and still—
Listening to His words.

Dr. Ginny Barnes
King’s Daughters
Ruth Major Circle, Columbia, MO