Do I Have a Vision for The King’s Daughters and Sons?

Prov 29:18 Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keeps the law, happy is he. KJV

I think all of us read GOD’s Word and get different meanings from the verses, often different from the intended meaning.

As I read this passage, I began to think about what my vision for both IOKDS and for KDS is.  Vision is needed for anything to go forward. 

Do I still believe that IOKDS through its ministries can help to reach the world for CHRIST?  Do I still remember that in my daily prayers?  I trust that prayer works in other things.  Do I still want our Order to be a Christian service organization or just another service organization?

Do I want my Circle to be a light in my community?  Do I serve to bring the cause of CHRIST to those around us?  Is that our focus more than raising money for community organizations?  Those things are all good, but have I lost my focus of being a King’s Daughter or Son?  There is no higher calling or privilege than that.  With such privilege comes great responsibility.

Without true vision our message will perish.  We see our dwindling membership numbers as our beloved older members graduate on to Heaven. 

There are so many things pulling the younger generations in so many directions.  They have little time, they think, to devote to spiritual causes.

As I ask myself these questions, I am posing them to you as well. 

We have tried many techniques to get new members, but perhaps I have not devoted the prayer time needed to bring about change.

Set aside some time this month to specifically pray for our organization.

Sandy Pace