Easter Message


Easter brings Christians the most awe-inspiring victory – redemption from sin, resurrection from death, life and joy everlasting.

The Easter message brings to our minds the King’s Daughters and Sons motto, “Look up.” It calls us to look heavenward to the Risen Christ.

“Seek those things which are above,” is another Easter message. Heeding it, will bring to us a life rich in Christ. Only by giving the Risen Christ the place He claims in our lives, can we receive newness and richness of life, as a daily increasing experience.

Many Easter Days have passed since the stone was rolled away from Jesus’s tomb and an angel said “He is risen; he is not here. Later Jesus revealed Himself to the three women – Mary Magdalene of Magdala, Mary, the mother of James and Salome, the mother of James and John.
If we are faithful to the task which has been given us, the same Jesus will roll away the stone of burden we bear and He will reveal Himself to us and bring into our lives the glorious hope of the Easter Dawn. The Resurrection brought a new dawn into the world. The sacrifice of Christ saved the world and gave to us the assurance that Christ is risen and because of this we, too, shall rise.

Let us accept Christ’s sacrifice for us and surrender ourselves fully to Him, that He may do for us all that He died to do.

Let us “Look up,” lifting our heads and our hearts.

Let us live with Him, live new lives, lives of hope, faith, holiness and love.

Let the Easter message give each of us an ever increasing sense of our opportunities.

May it bring us a realization of the blessed privilege which is ours of following in His footsteps, of emulating His example, of SERVING IN HIS NAME.