Father Send Us Your Spirit

Lord of our Fathers
Send your rain.
Gentle, soft, nurturing.

Send your wind.
Calm, sweet, light.

Send your sun.
Bright, warm, happy.

We need you, Lord.
Always in good
and bad times.

Our hard winds,
Floods, fires,
Disease, death

remind us of your
strength and power.
Your dominance.

Now, Lord, we beg
For your gentle spirit.
Your comforting voice.

Pull us close, Lord.
Kiss our foreheads.
Hug us tight.

Your warm breath.
Your soft voice.
Your clear spirit.

You love us now.
You love us tomorrow.
You love us forever.

Heal and comfort us.
Empower our purpose.
Enliven our prayers.

May we always
love each other
and YOU.

Merry Christmas, LORD
Happy Birthday, JESUS

Dr. Ginny Barnes
The King’s Daughters and Sons, Ruth Major Circle
Columbia Missouri