Gabriel’s Complaints

I have tried – really I have – to deliver Your message.

If I may say so I am wondering why once wasn’t enough –

You know we had such an excellent response to your invitation to bear the Holy One,

Blessed be he, into an unlikely geography where holiness is not always a given.

But…this repeating of your desire for incarnation in every generation has resulted, lately, In some disappointment on my part.

I have tried to wear appropriate apparel – usually gold, my favorite – and sometimes with light or wings…I like those very much. I have also enjoyed the sneakers with the whoosh on the sides, thinking they might be familiar even if my smile seems a bit tentative.

I have been altogether disappointed by my recent lack of success.
It is hard to separate some of these lovely candidates from their phones or their zoom calls. My appearance undoubtedly needs to move into new platforms and I cannot for the life of me keep all the passwords in the easy access part of my brain. I am still busy with other conversations – you know the shepherds are still asking for regular updates on new glorias. They are tired of the old one.

And I am wondering too about your newest lists. They are a little long and are now peopled with women of a certain age – not young – and there are men here too. That’s new although I agree Joseph was a fine fellow and listened very well. I am looking for Woke. I know you are impressed with my new language skill.

I see where you are coming from; does the shape for the home for the holy really have to be as it was in the past? Haven’t we seen an impressive bunch of folks who were amazing shelters for the Holy, bearing it into the world in diverse ways? God-bearers….so many of them.

It’s just that there is a large cloud of fear and isolation right now. There’s another plague, lots of wailing and anxiety. And fatigue. They are all weary. But they are longing for touch.

Maybe that’s it – a little something extra – a tap on the shoulder or an elbow bump that lingers. There will be a spark of recognition, a little leap of the Spirit. I know…it will happen. Patience has paid off before. Coming into a time of stillness or longing like waiting to open those little doors on the Advent calendars.

Thanks for hearing me out. I love you.

The Rev. Dr. Linda Privitera