He Remembers You

And God remembered Noah.” Genesis 8:1

Shortly after completing seminary, the recession of 2007 hit. I struggled to find work, the debt of student loans piled high and anxiety and stress took over. I watched my hopes of what life after school would be like wash away and a new reality of the unknown set it. I felt alone and abandoned by God. It was my own personal storm.

Remember Noah? The old guy who built a huge boat in the middle of a desert? 

When everything Noah knew washed away in the flood, God remembered him. 

Thousands of years later, Jesus would innocently hang on a cross, next to a thief who used his last breath to ask Jesus to remember him too. Jesus said to him, “Today you will be with me in paradise.” Jesus, the same God who remembered Noah, remembered the thief that day. 

No matter the storm you find yourself in today, God is in it with you and He remembers you through it, too. 

God remembered me in the midst of my storm during the recession. He used the hardship of it to draw me close to Him. 

The same God who remembered Noah in his storm and the thief on a cross, is the same God who remembers you too! He is with you! 

When the future of a flood seemed so unreal, Noah hammered away anyway, believing God was with him. Pound your nails into the truth of who God is. When the storms of life hit, you’ll know He is with you and He remembers you!

God thank you for being with me, for willingly stepping into the storm to be with me through it. Thank you for remembering me and for loving me with an unending love. Use the storms of life to draw me closer to you. Help me trust you more and more each day!


Carrie Ngangnang, Mariners Church Outreach Pastor