Problem Solving

A Poem:

When in trouble, or in doubt,

Run in circles, scream and shout.

If at first you do not succeed – use a hammer!

And if that does not work – get a bigger HAMMER!


Isn’t that the way we often try to solve problems on our own, or face situations

beyond our control? It does not matter if it is a problem of relationship, finance,

school choices, life goals or elections. We become frustrated and end up

spinning our wheels and being unhappy.

(Read James 1:5-6)


Like a father who enjoys giving good gifts to his children, Jesus gets personal

with all who call on him, and desires to bless our lives with peace and joy.

(Read John 15:10-11)

His strength becomes apparent when we allow him to bear our burdens.

(Read Matthew 11:28-30)


He becomes our advocate, guide, and friend. Jesus loves you so much that he

was willing to suffer and die on a cross for you! And strongly desires that each

of us spends eternity with Him.

Do you need a friend who will help you in solving problems (without a hammer)

and then walk along side of you bringing an inner peace that only our creator can


(Read John 14:27)


Jesus is Real, very much Alive, and Hears every word our hearts speak to him!

Jesus, who is perfect, wants us to have his perfect joy. What a Blessing! Spend

time talking with Jesus today.

(Read Psalm 55:22)


Pastor Bob Mease