The Joy Dance

Have you ever danced for Joy?
Not a little “Happy Dance.”
A shake your booty, clap your hands,
Arms up, sing and shout dance.

That kind of Joy Dance!
Praising God
Telling everyone
Showing it to all!

King David did.
Joy Dancing like crazy
Before the Ark
Celebrating his love of God!

Wife Michal shamed him.
How undignified!
What a spectacle!
How embarrassing!

In Mozambique
We danced for Joy.
Thanking God
For new huts.

We danced like King David
Singing, shouting, clapping,
We thanked God

It was a humble hut,
With a wooden door.

A concrete floor.
And no dirt.
A safe, clean place.
A home for her child.
A home for HER.
No chance for RAPE.

She danced for Joy.
Hands up, clapping.
Shouting, singing.
Thanking God!

I see their smiles.
Hear their laughter.
Feel their heat.
Share their joy!

Reminding me to dance,
Arms up, booty down,
Stomping feet,


By Dr. Ginny Barnes
King’s Daughters, Ruth Major Circle
Columbia, Missouri