The Light in the Black Out

Last night, as I was watching Jeopardy on T.V. and enjoying seeing Matt Amodio competing for his 26th consecutive appearance, my power went out.  DARN!  I hear the generators kick on in the neighborhood, wishing at the time, that I had one…I don’t.  After about 10 minutes, I finally get around to gathering my emergency lights and lamps.  I also add in my battery-operated fall “pumpkin” lights…my great neighbor, Andrea, told me she likes to use them because they don’t give off a lot of heat.  I liked the orange glow, and she’s right!  But, those aren’t the “Light in the Black Out” I’m going to talk about.

As I’m sitting in my living room, waiting for the lights to come back on, and looking for something to do, I start scrolling on my phone…something I really don’t do a lot of.  I’m reading the news titles to see if it’s something I want to read.  I read several “top” news articles. Then, as I’m scrolling down past all the big headlines, one title catches my eye on Yahoo news.  “Boppy Newborn-lounger pillows recalled”.  Probably if my niece hadn’t just delivered a wonderful new baby boy, I would have sailed right past this article.  I didn’t know if my niece had one of these pillows or not, but because she had a big baby shower and got lots of gifts, I text her and share this article with her. 

About an hour later, she texts me back…saying thanks so much for sharing and that she did indeed have one of those pillows!  Wow!  Never in my life have I been so glad my power went out!  And, while my electrical lights went out, God’s “light” did not.  I believe He guided me to discover and protect my great nephew.  Guide and Protect….God’s so good at that…when we take time and/or make time…to go where He nudges us to go.

Today, this morning, with the power back on, I’m catching up on my “Upper Room” devotionals…missed reading yesterday’s.  You’ll never believe what the title was of yesterday’s devotional… “Dark Night With God”. 

Catherine Duncan